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PT cloudun technology indonesia

CLOUDUN TECHNOLOGY is committed to provide financial technology, big data services, credit and fraud risk management for online credit decision and processes. FDT cooperates with financial institutions such as banks and insurance companies to provide solutions, including credit systems with excellent performance and mature risk control methodology, Unique big data products and models.

Our Vision

Become technology enabler that makes services simple; Understand Finance to service millions of under-served households. Become a leader in FinTech industry!

Our Mission

CLOUDUN is determined to provide convenient Fintech services for individual customers / financial institutions / corporates

Our Team


PaaS Platform

Multi-tenant platform, one-stop service. At present, FDT Platform can support seamless access to many services, such as lending, insurance, short message, collection, risk control, multi-merchants mode, etc.

Risk Management

Decision engine and big data risk control system provide reliable support for money lending business. Proven high repayment rate, low overdue rate, anti-fraud, multi-platform borrowing, credit blacklist and other multi-dimensional data analysis.

Data Research

FDT has a dedicated professional data analytical team and rich research experience for various data issues, including data modeling, data cleaning, data extraction, data conversion, data migration and so on.

Financial Technology

CLOUDUN uses technology as a carrier to export technical services to various fields of finance, including money lending, card business, insurance business, payment services, industry short messages, as well as technology exports to the Southeast Asian market.

Outsourcing Service

We undertake system development for financial industry, and have many successful system deployment experiences, including source code development for projects, Platform operation for other institutions and other cooperation modes, so that companies without technical teams can also create proprietary technical products.

Technical Support

We provide a variety of technical support services, such as requirements analysis, architecture analysis, existing system upgrading, technical consultation, etc. The team has many years of rich R&D experience, and has good expertise at system optimization, reconstruction and so on.


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